Stent Inspection NSI-7

The largest project in the history of GDO financed and funded completely by itself.

Starting with a late-night discussion on the high-risk and inefficient visual inspection of stents, and the growing pressure on the cost factor in stent production worldwide. Resulting in a Nuremberg Conference, definition of scope, many proof of concepts and a astonishing, innovative stent inspection system: the NSI-7


Fully automated, high end, inspection system for stents. The NSI-7 inspects BMS, DES, Nitinol and Polymer stents. The system’s robot handles the stents automatically from module to module. Three different inspection modules inspect the stent’s geometry, wall thickness and inner-,  outer surface. The decision making is also automated, thus no operator involvement. All relevant data is saved.

Capacity: 120 cardiovascular stents per hour

Extra: automated supply unit for 1000 stents; automated integrated packaging blister unit

Improvement: efficiency improvement, quality improvement and higher through put


For more information:

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