INDUSTRIES / Automotive

Porsche Wishbone Assembly

“Complex shapes” The wishbone of a Porsche Panamera is all about finding the optimal relation between comfort and performance, which expresses itself as a complex 3D aluminium cast part with large bearings.

Oil and water pump Test Equipment

I think everybody can guess what happens if one of the pumps in your car stops functioning.

Moulds and Dies

Complex shapes, materials and coatingsā€¦ you name it and we will probably have had a similar application in the (recent) past.

Oil Pump Assembly Line

Every customer that buys a new or used car assumes that engine components are the ones that have to last the longest.

Front Axle Differential Assembly

High performance cars need high performance components and high performance components are assembled on high end machines.

Camshaft Adjuster Assembly

The trend in sustainable mobility, that is driven by political targets and customer desires, will change the requirements for engine developers extensively in the years to come.