INDUSTRIES / Life Science

Pill Fabrication

Pills come and go in different shapes, colours and compositions.

Medical Tooling

A Life Science Project.

Microtiter Plates Inspection

Cancer is a disease with many victims and research in this area is therefore a must.

Breast Implants

Has the thought ever crossed your mind … a little bit too small, maybe be a bit more? Or the worse case scenario a necessary cosmetic reconstruction.

Pressure Tester

Pressure tests are performed in all kinds of ways, accuracies and in all kinds of processes.

Syringe and IV Catheter Automation

Machine name: Syringe and capped needle assembly machine Product: three-part, disposable, Luer lock syringes with capped, hypodermic needle Function: fully automated, supply and assembly of hypodermic, capped needles with three different types of syringes.