All of GDO’s equipment is designed with energy efficiency in mind so as to reduce depleting our natural resources.


Only A-class electrical components

Energy saving

Components such as conveyors, pumps and motors that sit idle for substantial periods of time or cumulative periods of time should shut down automatically without hindering the normal function of the machine. Vertical envelop is less limited, but consideration for ease of maintenance is mandatory.

Local production

GDO tries to produce and purchase local equipment as much as possible. This means overnight production within our Tooling facilities in Eygelshoven and Munich in order to keep cost down and reducing the need of purchase in China or Malaysia. Also “local” means in this case either close to one of the GDO fabrication factories or close to the customer in question.


Combine shipments as much as possible and keep the machines and components compact. Machine frame and hardware design must be space efficient where floor space is minimized.