Our Focus

In order to achieve maximum addable value for our customers we cannot only focus on innovative solutions
Flexibility Flexibility Flexibility needs to come in different ways. On the one hand GDO needs to be flexible throughout the development of the machine, changing product design is something we need to be able to cope with. On the other hand flexibility is needed within the system we deliver.
TCO Total Cost of Ownership Besides the invest in equipment, also variable costs, efficiency and yield are major items in terms of total cost of ownership. GDO is one of the few companies that focusses on their customer’s long-term benefits.
Lead Time Lead Time As time between the first series and SOP grows in order to reduce risk with the final product, less time remains for the development of automation. We as an automation company focus therefore on short lead times in order to provide our customer with more time.
Quality Quality Quality is one of the items that will never be under discussion. GDO stands for high quality systems and delivers a toolmaker’s quality at all times.
Sustainability Sustainability Focus on the environment, not only within the company, but also within the systems that we deliver to our customers. Even with the many energy consuming components in a machine we try to keep the energy usage as low as possible. See also our pages on sustainability.