NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation

Two quotes that represent the concept behind Microscopy Inspection Automation captured under the product name NSI:

“Automate your inspection to whatever level you like”
“Turn attributes into variables”


Microscopy inspection is present, in practically every quality assurance process, making sure that the product is compliant to its specifications. With increasing quality requirements for products, there is an increasing number of criteria that needs to be verified and an increasing difficulty to meet compliance with operator-based inspection subjective decisions. For that reason, the NSI Microscopy Inspection automation range has been developed.

The NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation range can support the customer’s quality inspection processes at any stage from a fully manual system to a completely automated decision-making system.

In contrast to setting up conventional inspection systems, the NSI starts by choosing the appropriate software routine from the NSI Toolbox. These routines will either run in the background to assist the operator or take care of all the decision making. Once the routines are chosen the desired accuracy and Gage R&R level will determine the necessary hardware. Choosing hardware means considering camera, resolution, lenses, illumination, fixtures and handling. The NSI program offers full service and support structures globally. NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation embodies installation, commissioning, qualification and validation including SOP. After a successful SOP the team will remain available for new updates, service and support.

The SoliCerte is the basis of the NSI Toolbox as it incorporates the basic software routines that are necessary for any inspection. Even without automated decision making these routines are used to generate an image, improve contrast and control third party hardware. Beyond the basic routines for inspection the SoliCerte group also provides technologies like image storage, databases, user management and all kinds of reporting functions.

Whenever a dimension needs to be measured or inspected the GeoCerte is the Routine Toolbox you need. While most of the available systems on the market still need an operator to make the pass or fail decision, the GeoCerte Toolbox can do this for you automatically or assist you in that decision giving you all the required information to make the correct choice.The GeoCerte routines automatically detect the position and orientation of a product, and then applies the dimensional inspection routines offering specially designed operational interfaces that incorporate ergonomics and control.

Surface inspection always contain a broad range of inspection criteria and defects, and therefore requires a broad range of inspection routines. With the AequCerte Toolbox the NSI offers all the required routines that are needed for a reliable surface inspection. From contrast enhancement for an optical manual inspection to a 100% 3D service inspection with a confocal system, all these routines are available in the AequCerte Toolbox.

The AltuCerte offers a variety of height inspection routines, not so much to evaluate the quality of the surface, more so to physically inspect the height of a certain feature. Again, here the routines provide the option for a supported manual inspection or a fully automated evaluation of height. The AltuCerte Toolbox is designed with filtering algorithms integrated to process the signal in such a way, that only the relevant data is used for analysis.

The compliancy of an inspection is largely dependent on the ergonomics and stability of handling a device below the inspection system. The MovElix is a product group specifically designed for handling devices below any inspection system, independent of the make. Inspection systems ranging from stereo microscopes and digital microscopes to fully automated, modular systems.
Leveraged from the NSI-7 automatic stent inspection, MovElix is provided in different configurations: manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic. A stable fixture assures an ideal platform for optical inspection. The operator can easily fix the device and manipulate the rotary or longitudinal movement of the device. The device will always stay in focus and the movement stays constant at all times.

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