Energy Feedback to the Grid

One of our projects where we had the chance of putting a lot of focus on energy efficiency was a belt testing machine.

The machine was mainly designed for life cycle testing of drive belts. The belts in this machine are subjected to a high load delivered by two 41 kW servo drives, whereby one of the drives applies the load and the other drive brakes the system down generating power.

Normally this power is routed to a brake resistance, but in this case the power was feed back into the grid. A smart power system developed together with Siemens and unique in its kind.

Drive Belt Testing 3 Drive Belt Testing 4
Drive Belt Testing 1 Drive Belt Testing 2

The drives rev up to 6000 RPM with a maximum torque of 200 Nm. This includes a RPM profile with closed loop torque control. Torque and the revolutions are measured both on the input and the output side of the system. The difference in RPM is a measure for the amount of slip in the system and can be used to calculate the energy loss. The efficiency is also calculated by comparing the difference in power input and output.

All measurements are done realtime and are visualized in a variety of graphs and tables, but most important, most of the output energy is feed back into the grid.

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