Endless Rubber Tube Cutting

The quality of rubber seals in the automotive, medical and packaging industry is becoming more and more critical, because even the smallest leakage causes loss of efficiency.


We don’t need to explain that accuracy, reproducibility and repeatability in rubber products isn’t something that is easily achieved. Especially, achieving Cpk values higher than 1.67 or even higher than 2.

We achieved Cpk results of more than 3.5 in rubber!!

Rubber seals are cut from endless hoses or from pre-cut hoses up to ca. 1000 mm in length. Either endless or pre-cut, the machine has autonomy of at least 8 hours and cuts the seals automatically to length; both wet and dry cutting is possible.

The tubes are automatically feed into the cutting area, where the tubes are automatically clamped by a collet chuck. As soon as the sensor notices the tube, the collet chuck presents the tube to the die, which also opens and closes automatically. Feeding is done by the collet chuck and a linear servo, and cutting by a rotating circular blade on a linear servo. With a controllable blade speed included, the machine has been taken into production with a Cpk value of more than 3.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 21.20.11

Key words:

  • - Endless tube
  • - Pre-cut tubes
  • - 8 hour autonomy
  • - Circular blade 0-3000 rpm
  • - 100 cuts per minute
  • - 1-5 tubes in parallel
  • - Product size max. 50 x 70 mm
  • - Servo driven (0.01 mm positioning accuracy)
  • - Wet and dry environment
  • - Water container including filter and circulation pump


For more information:

Please contact Jos Rutten

E-mail jos.rutten@gdo-bv.com or call +31 45 546 4770 and ask for Jos