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“Who doesn’t want his personal video these days!”

TapeMyDay is a revolutionary means of tracking, tracing and compiling all of your guest’s highlights into one unique and irresistible film which can be simply downloaded and shared through multiple modern channels. It is a complete solution to provide your guests with the ultimate souvenir of a video and/or photo, increasing guest satisfaction plus driving revenues.
The technology we use has an outstanding track-record and is highly acclaimed for its reliability and precision. We pride ourselves in our focus for quality and ability to find creative, customized solutions for every situation. Our software engineers are world-class and will assist you in every step along the way.

“But how does it fit to GDO?”

Such a development at own initiative might seem to be a bit out of order. But looking at all the ingredients needed for this innovative project, what can we see… Vision, Tooling, Machinery, Testing and Diagnostic. All the key activities are present within this project.

“Tell me more”

TapeMyDay combines superior quality on-ride, off-ride and scripted footage into one complete product. Therefore, your guests will receive an added value many times higher than that of a conventional photo system or their mobile phone camera. Our technology and experts can help to create the most compelling, memorable and irresistible audiovisual template. All of this will result in much higher purchase percentages and product value, which of course means revenue and publicity. A park or sponsor logo and commercial messages can be added into the mix. There is also the option to include special Holiday themes to further WOW your guests.

“But is leisure the only application?”

Definitely not. Think of elderly care, safety in large factories and areas, this system has many applications. If can think of an application where a large area needs to be covered and with many people involved, this system can provide individual care.

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“Added value”

Aside from capturing and enhancing the experience your guests will have at ZIPLINE, TapeMyDay will work as a great promotional tool in a number of ways:

A good video and/or photo can indeed speak a thousand words. It can also easily reach tens of thousands via Social Media with a clear and appealing message. This zero-cost promotional power cannot be overstated, and together we will ensure that the end-result puts your venue in a spotlight that will draw in even more eager visitors.

For instance, ZIPLINE videos and/or photos shared on Pinterest, Flickr or Facebook could be reshared thousands of times within a short time span, giving you publicity by word-of-mouth. An exceptional video may even go viral!

Social Media

Uploading footage will increase the value your website is given by web crawlers, like those that Google uses to determine your ranking. This places you higher on search engine listings, making you easier to find for people looking to have a fun day out. This procedure does not scan the actual images, but rather the image data. Privacy will not be an issue.

“How it works”

For the off-ride system, our high quality industrial-grade cameras are able to track and capture over 500 guests simultaneously in all conditions with premium image quality. The RFID signature will be used to generate a ‘Region of Interest’. This ROI is used to smart-zoom and select the guest.
For our on-ride setup we use a camera and mounting system that is stress-tested for stability and can transmit wireless data reliably through XBee technology. All of our equipment is fitted with components that safeguard image quality under various circumstances, such as poor weather conditions, heavy shaking and in low-light situations.

The above is a typical example of our implementation standards. However, TapeMyDay will assess your specific needs in order to arrive at the best possible solution.

“For more information”

Please contact Oana Cipca

E-mail oana.cipca@gdo-bv.com or call +31 45 546 4770 and ask for Oana
Website: www.tapemyday.com