GDO launches new Stent Fixture in Dublin

GDO is well known for its innovative developments of a 100% automated stent inspection.

Some of these innovations can also be leveraged towards tools for the improvement of production efficiency and that is exactly what we did. Together with Aquilant, GDO developed a new fixture for automatic stent handling called the MovElix. Ideal to standardize and speed up the optical inspection in combination with a stereo microscope or digital microscope. Besides the efficiency of these improvements, the stent rotation unit is also very ergonomic which will benefit the process and the product builder.

The fixture was officially launched at the Citywest Exhibition Centre in Dublin on January 30th. During a successful day at the exhibition, visitors could try out the fixture and discover all its benefits under one of the many inspection systems by Aquilant.

Please contact our sales for more detailed information. They are happy to visit you on site and will be happy to let you try out the MovElix as well.

IMG_0232 MovElix

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