Business Units


With our wide range of dies and molds, from Hotrunner to Coldrunner, from Softtooling to Stage and 2K moulds, and our services ranging from maintenance to new construction, we offer the perfect solution for every situation.

The success of an enterprise depends not only on the right equipment but on the innovative power of the entire chain. Traditions are being superseded, life cycles are becoming even shorter, and quality requirements for products even higher, while increasing pressure is being put on prices. Since new composites are being developed virtually every week, making the right decisions is essential for the success and excellence of an organization. This is why our own process and materials technologists work closely with the development centers of base materials manufacturers and universities.

In order to withstand the continuous price erosion, it is essential to bring the economic and technical lifespan of products into balance. Especially in the case of high-volume products, consistent quality and constant attention to make savings in base materials and cycle times are the most important elements of our Installed Base Management (IBM) program. This makes us a partner not only for new construction, but also for repairs and modifications to your equipment.


We create custom-made solutions in which quality and flexibility are just as important as the economic benefits. With an enthusiastic group of top-class engineers, and in-house production of both mechanical and control elements, we offer solutions for problems in the area of process automation.

The intensive teamwork among the various business units of GDO ensures that we have comprehensive knowledge of the core processes of our customers. This means we can offer a verified customer-specific-solution for any plastic, rubber and metal product.

The development of communication protocols via the internet also enables us to provide on-line service for our customers throughout the world in the event of breakdown or change.


GDO Vision has experience dating back to 1988 in the industrial environment of vision inspection, and provides customers with solutions that aim for perfection. Using all sorts of hardware technology for both high-end and low-cost solutions, we build module-based machinery for our satisfied customers in all parts of the world. Our module-based machines offer proven solutions for both dimensional and surface inspections.

As our integrations are independent, we advise customers not only about our own Vision systems, but also about the most suitable system for their process, and offer both complete machinery, integrations and training for other camera systems.

Thanks to a powerful statistical module and operation in a windows environment, our machines have the capacity not only to inspect products, but also to diagnose the core processes. We therefore increasingly find that equipment changes no longer occur empirically, but rather are arranged by the inspection machine, thus saving on additional costs and risks.


Automation is nice, but what if your product hasn’t been tested properly and your product quality isn’t given?  That is why GDO offers besides automation knowledge also the knowledge for Testing and Diagnostics.

Test equipment is the general term for all machines that are used for testing products, which ranges from inline test equipment, to EOL test machines and test machines for R&D.

Diagnostics is more focussed on the information that is gathered either in a production process or during a test process. All data can be stored on a central system and processed for further use.