Balloon Inspection

GDO is known for its extraordinary 100% automated stent inspection the NSI-7. This unique machine makes sure that no spot or deformation on the stent stays undetected. Human mistakes are eliminated.

The perfect stents leaving the NSI-7 are further processed within your company. The stents might receive a surface treatment, but in the end the cardio vascular stents are all mounted on a balloon, ready for insertion. One critical item during this insertion process is the inflation of the balloon.


The wall thickness of balloons is now simply measured by executing a tactile measurement of the double wall thickness and dividing it by two. This is an inspection method from the ice age, considering the equipment available on the market.

GDO developed a system that is capable of executing a contactless, single-sided wall thickness measurement with an accuracy of 0.1µm far below the tactile measurement. This system can be delivered to you as a manual machine for inline testing in your manual assembly process, but also as a fully automated inspection system including other features.

Balloon Insp4

The automatic balloon inspection is capable of automatically detecting the wall thickness, just like the manual inspection module. Every balloon is automatically inspected for geometry and damages.


Key words:

  • - Accuracy of 0,1 µm
  • - 100% camera inspection
  • - Shape and damages (e.g. diamonds)
  • - 15 seconds automatic inspection per balloon
  • - All data and images stored automatically
  • - Easy to use, easy to teach new recipes
  • - Contactless!


For more information:

Please contact Ger Zinken our Sales Manager Stent Inspection Systems

E-mail or call +31 45 546 4770 and ask for Ger Zinken.