Adhesive Application Automation

Adhesive Application Automation

For the obvious reasons like cost price reduction, efficiency improvement and quality improvement customers are challenged to automate their manual handling process of Adhesive application for rubber-compounding. The modules below have been developed by GDO to exactly support our customers in that process of adhesive application and curing. In addition we put a lot of effort in an esthetic and functional design for cleanability and ergonomic operation

Adhesive Application Process

The adhesive used for rubber-bonding is aggressive, ATEX normed and has a high risk for human health. The adhesive has to be sprayed on the products in at least 4 directions with an accuracy of ±0.50 mg per application. The system has two containers, either for using 2-component adhesives or for additional autonomy. Both containers have their own scale with an accuracy of ±0.1 g. The dispensing nozzles can individually be configured and controlled by a local PLC controller. The nozzles are attached to a XYZ stage and can be , just like the servo-driven rotary table that holds the products. The module is completely enclosed with a defined air flow and air extraction. The extraction is filtered and completely built according to the latest ATEX norms. The system can be used as a stand-alone module or as part of a fully automated production line.
Heating & Sealing Process

Critical with adhesive application is the part preparation and the after treatment curing of the parts. The parts need to be heated before application of the adhesive, the adhesive needs to be dried afterwards and finally cured into the parts. GDO developed a set of curing systems with a temperature stability and homogeneity of ±2,5 degrees. Each oven is PLC controlled and has 5 curing positions that can be timed individually. Opening one of the positions, does not influence the temperature of the other positions. It is possible to add up to 5 PT100 temperature sensors per oven. These unique and compact curing ovens are modular and can be used standalone and as part of a fully automated production line.

Data handling and Data storage

By using GDO’s access to the proper technology and the knowledge to use them, the will and the trust were present to make this project into reality. We were requested to design, construct and implement the automated system. We believe working side by side with the client is key in the whole process. Therefore we cooperated with the client to get the validated frame figure which should be met by the automated system.

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